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From A Woman’s Perspective is the weekly radio program featuring Marilyn Wetston (host and producer) and her special guests (Sponsor-Experts). It airs every Saturday morning at 8 on ¬†AM740, 96.7 FM Toronto, and Rogers 949.

Each week Marilyn explores fascinating topics relevant to ‘Zoomer’ women and men.

While Marilyn is known as “The Wardrobe Doctor” and owns the landmark Toronto store Marilyn’s in Toronto’s Fashion District, the show is not just about fashion.

Recent topics have included: How to Retire on Your Own Terms, Retirement Living, Preventative Health Care, Home Modification, Organ donation, M.S., Breast Cancer, Homecare, Eye and Ear care, Oral care, Funeral planning, Hair replacement, Smoking cessation, Travel, Cruising, Fitness, Live Entertainment, sleep disorders,Women’s and Men’s Health, Success and fulfillment coaching, …

The show is a ‘How to’ to help you organize almost every aspect of your life.

If you are interested in sponsoring a segment of the show, or if you have a suggestion for an interesting guest, please contact Marilyn at 416.504.6777 or 2012@marilyns.ca

The show’s team educates you so you can make informed decisions and lessen the stress in your life!

The FAWP Road Show – Fundraising Opportunity!

Marilyn and any of her team are willing to speak to groups and organizations to support good causes. Contact any of the team directly to make your request.

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