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four shirts smIndividual image and wardrobe consultation is provided by appointment. Call us to have our undivided attention! 416 – 504777

Are you projecting your best image? Can you pass the “Blink”test? According to research, when people meet for the first time, opinions are formed within the time it takes to blink (Malcom Gladwell). First impressions are the key to failure or success in business and social situations.

Dressing is an essential method of communicating. Each item in your closet is a component of your wardrobe vocabulary. You are in control of the message that you send. Building a wardrobe that speaks effectively in all aspects of your life is rewarding. This is an on-going process. Learn how to own your look and use fashion to make your best personal statement.

At Marilyn’s we have been helping women look their best for over thirty years. Clients leave having purchased quality items at 20 to 80 percent discount prices. However, these are not simply items of clothing, they are a wardrobe statement that enhances and empowers the individual.

At Marilyn’s we love to dress people and show them how they can establish their own style and be appropriate and comfortable for all the occasions in their lives. Clothing can feel like a second skin and empower you too.

We offer image consultations to individuals or to groups.

  • Learn why image is important;
  • Learn how to pull together an affordable wardrobe that creates an image that speaks;
  • Learn how to use current fashion trends to your best advantage;
  • Learn how to use accessories to make your unique personal statement;
  • Seminars and consulting sessions can be customized to your needs, e.g. “How to Achieve Corporate Casual” (see the events page for a list of suggested seminars).

We understand a woman’s wardrobe needs. Using current fashion trends and classics stocked at the store and what you have in your closet, we can help you achieve the image you want to present.

We have an eclectic selection of quality merchandise and accessories for anyone. Our clients receive the best value anywhere. We have clothing to suit a wide range of sizes (2 – 22) and shapes, as well as meeting your needs for events from smartly casual to gala evening.

Call now to book your appointment: 416.504.6777

Image consultations are also available with a fundraising component. Contact us for more information.

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