Meet Marilyn

Who Am I?

For over 30 years I have owned and operated my clothing store Marilyn’s in Toronto’s Fashion District. We are now located at 200 Spadina Avenue, just North of Queen Street.

I grew up in Welland, Ontario and moved to Toronto to attend the University of Toronto where I majored in English. In 1975 I opened my store Marilyn’s.

I enjoy reading, writing, golf, art, and meeting interesting people. I am grateful that my work is my pleasure. Every day is a new adventure and a new experience. I am truly fortunate to deal with vibrant people in all aspects of my life.

Who is Marilyn?Marilyn’s Philosophy“The Wardrobe Doctor”Projects

My Philosophy

My philosophy has always been that clothing is a non-verbal method of communication. It is an essential tool that enables us to speak to others in every aspect of our lives. The art of dressing can be learned and each of us has an individual vocabulary.

The fashion world offers a variety of choices every season. It is up to the individual to remain current and be aware of the message she can convey using her wardrobe. Within the framework of my store, I house quality merchandise (preferably Canadian) and teach those wishing to learn how to best express themselves using the language of clothes.

Clothing speaks volumes. The first step to making a wardrobe statement from a closet full of clothing is editing your existing items. To guide you, I have available a closet organizing instruction sheet. Once you have done the preliminary work, you are welcome to set a time for an image/wardrobe consultation. Bring your questions and any items you wish to work with. We will help you build from there.

I have a genuine desire to empower women to succeed in life both personally and professionally. I would like to help women present a positive image in every aspect of their lives. As a result my clients return season after season to edit their wardrobes, and update their message.

To contact me please feel free to send email, call me, or visit my store Marilyn’s.

Who is Marilyn?Marilyn’s Philosophy“The Wardrobe Doctor”Projects

How did I become the “Wardrobe Doctor”?

I have worked with people and their images all my life.

Over the years clients acclaimed my ability to help them integrate their personality with their wardrobe. In the late 1990s, the Toronto Star published an article which they titled “Wardrobe Doctor Cures Closet Clutter” and the name stuck.

My interest in fashion came as a result of my working in my parent’s store. They offered good quality for less cost in their business. People came into “Oscar’s Bargain Center” to buy clothes and more. The game to me was to speak to an individual, determine what they wanted, size them up visually, and then hand them the right fitting item without measuring.

Part of my game was helping someone look great and spend less. The game became more complex and interesting when I included criterion such a fitting their personality and physical appearance as well. I realized someone could be in the right size of garment but if they did not look and feel their best I had not won my game.

In this way, I developed a keen eye for style and fashion, and the ability to help people communicate with their clothes.

As I grew older I also had the realization that no matter how much I felt in my heart no one could read my feelings. It became obvious how alone each of us are in our bodies. One way to open lines of communication and create interaction is to dress well and make oneself approachable.

I came to understand that we control what others see and remember about us. We can create our own atmosphere. I also realized that in sharing this skill with others I could teach them how to use the language of clothing to look their best and be in charge of their message.

To this day I love creating a lovely vision on a budget. It is not how much you spend but what you spend it on that determines whether you have pulled a great look together. Highlight your positive features and convey your special message by developing a personal wardrobe.

Marilyn’s, the store, is the culmination of my childhood lessons. It allows me to continue the dressing game I have played all my life and share my knowledge. It is a boutique space that is filled with my hand selected clothing and accessories designed and usually made in Canada. It has been described as magical in that clients enter and then leave rejuvenated, looking thinner and taller and feeling confident in their new look. Visit the website for more details.

Who is Marilyn?Marilyn’s Philosophy“The Wardrobe Doctor”Projects

Other Projects:

As an outgrowth of my activities as Marilyn Wetston, the Wardrobe Doctor, I now have expanded my interests to include the following:

  • Media Appearances: visit the media page on this website to find out where you can read my articles, or catch me on radio and television.
  • Fundraising: Marilyn’s will support your fundraising efforts by helping you create your own fashion event by providing an image workshop, a fashion show, or a Women for Women event tailored to your group’s needs. They can be held at Marilyn’s or at any appropriate venue. Find more information on the Events page of the store website.
  • Marilyn’s we do Women for Women events on the third Saturday of each month. It also provides a venue for women to give business to each other and share their knowledge. This series of events also has a fundraising component in that each event in in support of a specific cause and admission is based on a donation (of whatever kind is needed).
  • Women’s Business Incubator: If you are a woman with a small business and you would like to market your goods or services, you can rent a space as part of Marilyn’s. This will enable you to do business with Marilyn’s clients. Marilyn will help you promote your business as part of her radio show and any other related events. Business Mentoring is part of the package. The business incubator now offers a custom gift basket service for individuals and corporations, and Health and Wellness events. These goods and services are provided by the members of the Business Incubator.
  •  Upcoming handbook to help individuals embrace aging and do it well!

~ All the best
Marilyn Wetston,
The Wardrobe Doctor

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