On the air: September 13th, 2014

Marilyn  gives t to you straight “From a Woman”s Perspective”  on AM 740 every Saturday morning at 8

This Saturday learn how to “Retire on Your Own Terms” from Darren Farwell of Scotia McLeod.(www.farwellwealthmanagement.com)

Hear the pros and cons of eating breakfast from Nutritionist Leslie Beck of Medysis Health Group (www.medisys.ca)

Get practical solutions for hair loss of any kind from Amalia of Capiia by Truly You (www.trulyyou.ca)

and learn about home safety from Nurse Jackie of Bayshore (www.bayshore.ca)  and Ronny of Reliable Living (www.reliableliving.com)

Understand modern dentistry with a wellness based focus  with Dentist Dr. Dana Colson  (www.allsmiles.ca)

All from a “Woman’s Perspective” (www.marilyns.ca) with Marilyn Wetston  Saturday  September 13th morning at 8 on AM 740.

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On the air: August 30 2014

This Saturday Learn about Estate planning from Darren Farwell,Senior Wealth Manager of Scotia McLeod, (www.farwellwealthmanagement.com)

Get the pros & cons of Sodium in our diet from Nutritionist Leslie Beck of Medisys Health Group. (www.medisys.ca),

Speak with Nurse Jackie of Bayshore Home Health (www.bayshore.ca) about fall prevention and sourcing funding care

and hear about the new Accessibilty Laws and the latest in devices to save your life in an emergency

from Ronny Wiskin of the Reliable Living Centre (www.reliableliving.com) and more

All “From a Woman”s Perspective with Marilyn Wetston and her team this Saturday morning at 8 .


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On the air: September 6th 2014

Get it straight “From a Woman’s Perspective “on  AM 740 every Saturday morning at 8
This Saturday live entertainment expert Wendy Woof Severn describes what is coming  to the Flato Markham Theatre,(www.markhamtheatre.ca)
Senior wealth manager Darren Farwell of Scotia McLeod explains how you can “Retire on Your Own Terms ” (www.farwellwealthmanagement.com)
Award winning family physician Dr. Vivien Brown of Medisys Health Group discusses the pros and cons of Multi Vitamins.(www.medisys.ca)
Dentist Dr. Dana Colson discusses oral health (www.allsmiles.ca)
and learn more
All “From a Woman’s Perspective” with Marilyn  and her team this Saturday September 6th at 8 AM 740.

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