On the Air: May 14th 2016

Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight “from a Woman’s Perspective” here on Zoomer Radio every Saturday morning at 8

This Saturday

Dentist Dr. Dana Colson offers us the path to ageless beauty with a healthy smile (www.allsmiles.ca)

Tricologst Caroline Ruggiero of Truly You deals with hair loss,(www.trulyyou.ca)

Danuta Domurad of Reverse aging Clinic explains her unique approach to healthy aging (http://www.reverseagingclinic.com/ ) and
others of my team ( www.marilyns.ca  ) continue to share useful advice and happy stories to help you make

informed decisions “From a Woman’s Perspective” this Saturday morning at 8 exclusively here on Zoomer radio.
Audio of Promo:

Listen now and enjoy!

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