On the Air: May 7th 2016

Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight “From a Woman’s Perspective “on Zoomer Radio every Saturday morning at 8

This Saturday  meet Tenor John McDermott and hear what’s coming to the Flato Markham Theatre (www.markhamtheatre.ca)

Get an update of new projects from the president of the Flato Group (www.myflato.com)

Learn how to invest tax efficiently with senior wealth adviser Leslie McCormick of Scotia Wealth Management  (www.farwellwealthmanagement.com)

Hearing tips from Hearing Instrument Specialist Edmund Ayvazyan of Hearing Aid Source Centres. (www.hearingaidsource.ca)

Also get Downsizing and moving tips from Laurie Bell of Moving Seniors with a Smile

Accessibility and home safety suggestions  from Daniel Wiskin of the Total Access Centre (www.totalaccesscentre.com) and

and talk Home care  with Nicole Troiano of Retire at Home
Naturopathic Medicine  (cupping) with Dr. Betty Rozendaal of Thornhill Naturopathic Health Clinic (www.thornhillnaturopathic.ca )
 Hear all about the People in Motion Show coming May 27th 28th Queen Elizaboth Building

a little about several other things so you can take charge of your life
and make informed decisions “From a Woman’s Perspective ”

Audio of Promo:

Listen now and enjoy:

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