On the air : April 16th 2016

Marilyn Wetston gives it you straight “From a Woman’s Perspective” on Zoomer radio every Saturday morning at 8.

This Saturday hear how Ryan Taylor of Computers Made Easy teaches seniors and beginners how to use their computers and other technical devices.(www.computersmadeeasy.ca)

Learn how to deal with hair loss of any kind from Tricologist Caroline Ruggiero of Capilia Truly You (www.trulyyou.ca)

and get advice on weight loss and detoxes from Dr. Betty Rozendaal of the Thornhill Naturopathic Clinic(www.thornhillnaturopathic.ca)

and get it straight” From a Woman’s Perspective ” this Saturday morning at 8 on Zoomer Radio.
Audio of promo:

Listen now and enjoy:

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