On the Air : Feb 10th 2018

Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight “From a Woman’s Perspective” @Zoomerradio every Saturday morning at 8.

This Saturday  Gynecologist Dr. Fay Weisberg of the Fem Renew Clinic talks VAGINA – Vagina  , Dr. Ron Mayer of the FullMast Clinic addresses erectile dysfunction ,  Dr. Betty Rozendaal of the Thornhill Naturopathic Clinic talks chocolate  and Dr. Vivien Brown gives us a road map to healthy aging from her book A Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging

Happy stories from:

So please plan to join me  Marilyn Wetston and my team and empower yourself  “From a Woman’s Perspective” this Saturday morning at 8 exclusively here on Zoomer Radio.

Listen now and enjoy:

Audio of Promo:

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