On the Air : Dec 30th 2017

Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight “From a Woman’s Perspective” every Saturday morning at 8 on Zoomer Radio

This Saturday   Laurie Bell of Moving Seniors with a Smile shares how we can honor our hearts in 2018,

Dr. Vivien Brown gives us  a tip for heart health from her book “A Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging”

Dr Betty Rozendaal of Thornhill Naturopathic talks Lyme disease, and get happy stories from Michelle Tameanko of Full Mast Clinic , Edmond Ayvazyan of Hearing Aid Source Centres , Daniel Wiskin of the Total Access Centre  

So tune in and get it straight  “From a Woman’s Perspective” with   Marilyn Wetston and her team this Saturday morning  at 8 exclusively on Zoomer Radio.

Listen now and enjoy the show:

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