On the Air: July 1st – Canada Day 2017

Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight “From a Woman’s Perspective”on Zoomer Radio¬† every Saturday morning at 8

This Saturday

Celebrate Canada Day with Marilyn Wetston and her team.

Hear what’s coming to Flato Markham Theatre in the upcoming season

Get advice from Happiness coach Charles Hanna author of “Higher” who guides us to a more fulfilled life

Learn how to tackle weight loss from Dr. Betty Rozendaal of Thornhill Naturopathic Clinic

and enjoy happy stories from Laurie Bell of Moving Seniors with a Smile Daniel Wiskin of Total Access Centre and more to empower yourself “From a Woman’s Perspective” this Saturday morning at 8 exclusively here on Zoomer radio.

Audio of promo:
Listen now and enjoy!

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