On the Air : September 17th 2016

Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight “From a Woman’s Perspective” here on Zoomer Radio every Saturday morning at 8.

This Saturday

Learn about the exciting opportunities to own beachfront property in Mexico with Chuck Ashton of Vivo Resorts  www.vivoresorts.com

Hear how to master your computer with the help of  teacher Ryan Taylor of Computers Made Easy www.computersmadeeasy.ca

Discuss male health with Dr. Betty Rozendaal of Thornhill Naturopathic Clinic  www.thornhillnaturopathic.ca

and get tax smart with Darren Farwell of Scotia Wealth Management. www.farwellwealthmanagement.com

and more

All “From a Woman’s Perspective” with me Marilyn Wetston and my team this Saturday morning at 8 on Zoomerradio.ca

Audio of promo:
Listen now and Enjoy:

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