On the Air: 18 June 2016

Marilyn Wetston (www.marilyns.ca) gives it you straight “From a Woman’s Perspective” on Zoomer radio every Saturday morning at 8.

This Saturday

Hear how Ryan Taylor of Computers Made Easy gives in home computer lessons.(www.computersmadeeasy.ca)

Danuta Domurad of Reverse aging Clinic explains her unique approach to healthy aging (http://www.reverseagingclinic.com/ )

and Dr. Betty Rozendaal of the Thornhill Naturopathic Clinic talks about dealing with food sensitivities  naturally. (www.thornhillnaturopathic.ca)

and more!

So tune in and empower yourself ” From a Woman’s Perspective ”¬† this Saturday morning at 8 here on Zoomer Radio.
Audio of Promo:

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